We have blue chip companies such
as XL axiata, BCA & Astra

In April 2018 we released the minimum viable product (MVP) to support offline classes. As many as 170 courses have been developed offline and currently being converted into online materials. Per 2018, we proudly acquire a graduation rate of 92% for all the students participating in our classes.

What we do

We revolutionize the roles of education and technology. We foster a transdisciplinary approach that integrates technology in all spheres of inquiry.

Where we do

We do it at the of industries

Where we do

We do it at the of industries

Why We Do It

We are a force for positive change. We are driven to serve.

How We

We push the boundaries of knowledge and support people in their quests to go beyond limits. We are tenacious.

IYKRA is an education platform for technology that revolutionizes the relationship between professional work and acquisition of knowledge by blending them into one unabridged and continuous experience.

Cohive 101

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